Paid Search Campaign Worksheet

Dear Digital Marketing Customer,

The information your provide here will be refined through the available data for the search market, analysis with Google tools and further. However, it is valuable to use YOUR MARKET EXPERTISE to start the process.

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Let’s get started…

  • This ideally will be a clear statement that captures the essence for his or her needs and desires. This shuold go beyond demographic terms and express what they are seeking.
  • What do you want to achieve? Examples: increase online sales, more leads, better coverage of the market.
  • Include: Company Name: Website Address
  • What makes you better then the others? What unique attributes to you have? Why will people will choose you?
  • Geographic targeting can be very important to hitting targets and getting qualified traffic.
  • This is the amount paid directly to Google for ads that are clicked. The larger the budget, the more frequently the ads appear in search.
  • List 10 words or phrases that are targeted to your search market. The simplest way to do this exercise is to ask: “What are my prospects typing into Google to find a product or service like mine?”

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