Month: January 2020

January 29, 2020

Using TweetDeck to Create Admin Users

As part of our management of your digital marketing campaign, we may need to gain access to your Twitter account as an administrator. Below are instructions for how to add a new user as admin. Follow the steps below to add new users to your Tweetdeck account. If you are already logged in to Twitter,...

January 28, 2020

Clear Your Browser Cache

Often during web development projects, or web maintenance tasks, we send an update to a customer letting them know a change has been made. The customer then views their website but does not see the change. What happened? This is often the result of their browser showing them a "cached" page. Browser caching provides a...

January 7, 2020

Adding an Email Link in WordPress

Please note that your version of the editor in WordPress may be different than the one used in this video. But, hopefully the steps will work in your version.

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