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14 072020

Developing Websites Using the Yacht World API

An API or “Application Programming Interface” is an interface that defines interactions between software. It provides a data format and instructions for the kinds of requests or “calls” that can be made to the data. In some case APIs are the only efficient way to gain access to data that is controlled by a single

07 012020

Adding an Email Link in WordPress

Please note that your version of the editor in WordPress may be different than the one used in this video. But, hopefully the steps will work in your version.

22 042019

Web Design for Construction Companies, Builders & Engineers

Home Builders are, by their profession, accustomed to organized building projects. They estimate their jobs, make tight plans, gather materials and build the homes. The website development process can be compared to a home construction project. When we work with builders and engineers there is a natural understanding about project development that can help things

20 102016

What is a Web Designer?

Over the last 10 years, the World Wide Web has seen enormous growth and changes that challenged both the businesses that rely on it and the designers who build it. But what does it really mean to be a “web designer”? The name conjures images of millennials collaborating in trendy work spaces, creating cool “online

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