October 21, 2010

Your SEO Program May Bomb with Advice of Web “Experts”


While Social Media surges forward connecting people around the world, and gathering marketing data on its users, business owners are eager to capitalize on this growing feature of the global, commercial landscape.

The rush is on. Experts are appearing from every corner of the marketing world. “Instant results on Google anyone?

Quick and easy solutions are a red flag and should be greeted with skepticism by business owners and web managers. Doing the job right requires a thoughtful analysis of your business goals and the application of a streamlined, cost-effective and powerful web marketing strategy.

Attempting quick and easy methods to “trick” Google, Yahoo and Bing to rank your site well can result in a world of pain. You can shell-out good money to get found online, and found out that you are invisible online, or in some cases – blacklisted.

There are rules on the web. Break them, and the search engines will punish you. Following search engine rules and doing it well will get your found for your key search phrases. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) require technical know-how and marketing know-how. Starting out with a SEO or SEM campaign can be confusing. Some basics items should be put in place first to set the foundation for future success.

A website that is properly design and programmed is a good start. You then need a plan to connecting your company to your customers. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Blogs. The can serve your company well, or chew up vital resources without much return.

To avoid wasting money on your organic SEO campaign, contact an experienced web marketing and development team. An understanding of the technology, current trends and business processes are critical elements to your web marketing strategy. Discussing these items with your SEO team will reveal information to help you illuminate the way forward.

Building a website and launching a web marketing campaign requires a expert developer not an expert salesman.

Learn more by contacting Colophon New Media.

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