12 052011

Don’t Get Flashed!

If you have recently gone to the web on your smartphone or tablet, surfed to a website that you like and seen a blank box instead of the content you wanted, then you've been Flashed. You can't see the site because your device is not enabled with the software that plays "Flash" files. Flash, made

12 052011

The Web is Awesome

Why do we continue to find interest in our job as web developers and web marketers? Because the web is awesome. Awesome in the way that awesome used to mean before everybody said awesome for everything. In the 20 billion indexed web pages way. In the video chatting on a tablet kind of way. In

21 102010

Your SEO Program May Bomb with Advice of Web “Experts”

While Social Media surges forward connecting people around the world, and gathering marketing data on its users, business owners are eager to capitalize on this growing feature of the global, commercial landscape. The rush is on. Experts are appearing from every corner of the marketing world. "Instant results on Google anyone?" Quick and easy solutions

14 102010

Colophon Client Profile: Stevens Towing

At Colophon New Media, we offer a wide range of web marketing services to a variety of Charleston SC businesses, from restaurants to technology firms to wedding photographers and a large maritime shipping firm. Stevens Towing is a Charleston-area maritime shipping business with a long history of adjusting its services and message to fit the

14 102010

A Website with a Backbone?

How will your site perform 2 years from now in the search results? Or how will it do six months from now? Internet technology moves very fast, and it leaves weaker sites behind. With the core characteristics of a website developed correctly, websites can thrive on the web. You need a website with a backbone.

08 102010

Organic Search Optimization Saves the Internet

As the size and scope of the Internet grows so will the capacity for smart search algorithms, like the ones used by Google and Yahoo to create a better web dominated by high quality websites that deliver the goods, services or research that we were searching for. Paid web advertisements crowd screen real estate and

24 112008

The Benefits of an Organic SEO Diet

Wholesome and deliciously valuable, organic search techniques fuel a healthy web marketing campaign. Paid placement efforts are effective and can give your brand a strong jolt, but, a long term diet of pay-per-click can lead to budgetary fatigue. Lifelong health and prosperity relies on great content that web users love.